What to wear to Universal Studios? In this guide, I wil help you plan what to wear and what to pack!

What to Wear to Universal Studios Orlando & What to Pack 2024

Looking for what to wear to Universal Studios Orlando?

As an experienced Universal Studios parkgoer and a Travel Agent specializing in Universal Orlando Resort, I know a thing or two about what to wear to Universal Studios.

In this guide, I will provide you with the best things to wear to Universal Studios! I will also help prepare you for your day at Universal Studios by including the essentials to pack.

Here is what to wear to Universal Studios!

*Most people refer to Universal Orlando as Universal Studios when Universal Orlando has 3 parks: Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventures, and Volcano Bay. Because of this, when I mention Universal Studios in this guide, I am referring to the 2 main theme parks Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

What to Wear to Universal Studios Orlando

What to wear to Universal Studios Orlando, greatly depends on the time of year you are visiting. Most of the year is pretty warm or hot in Orlando, but during the winter there are definitely some cold days.

So, here I will divide up what to wear based on the season; Universal Studios Outfits Summer and What to Wear to Universal Studios in the Winter.

Universal Studios Outfits Summer

Orlando, Florida is hot, hot, hot, and very humid during the summer. You can also expect frequent rain showers during the summer. Because of these weather conditions, the way you dress is greatly determined by the weather.

Here is what to wear to Universal Studios during the summer!

Comfortable Shoes

No matter what time of the year you go to Universal Studios, comfortable shoes are a must! Not only are comfortable shoes a must, but they are THE most important thing to wear to Universal Studios.

You will be walking around ALOT! Make sure you have comfortable sneakers or sandals. If your feet are miserable, you will be miserable!

Whether you want to wear sneakers or sandals, that is solely your preference.

I’m much more of a sandal person. I can’t stand for my feet to be hot. If my feet are hot, it just makes me feel extra hot.

Sandals are also great for Universal’s water rides and for rain showers. I hate to be walking around in wet socks and wet sneakers.

My husband on the other hand hates wearing sandals. He’s much more comfortable in sneakers, so he’ll always wear sneakers to the parks in the summer.

The following are some recommendations for super comfortable sneakers and sandals that would be perfect for summer at Universal Studios. How do I know this?? Because I own both of them!!

Women, if you are looking for a comfortable sneaker, the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe is it! It’s very supportive and feels like you are walking on clouds.

➡️Check price for Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe on Amazon here!

If you want a great pair of walking sandals, I recommend the Sketchers Women’s On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal. I just got back from 2 weeks in Italy and wore these every day walking miles and miles. They are super comfortable!

From my experience, you can’t go wrong with any Sketchers shoe or sandal when it comes to comfort though.

➡️Check price for Sketchers Women On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal on Amazon here!

Lightweight/Comfortable Clothing

Because Orlando is hot and humid in the summer you will want to wear lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Comfortable clothing is also a must. You are at a theme park, so clothing where you can move freely, easily, and unrestricted would be the best.

My go-to wear for Universal Studios in the summer is shorts and a tank top. You’ll probably never catch me in a shirt with sleeves in the summer. I hate being hot, so I live in tank tops during the summer!

Now, let’s talk bottoms! Some type of quick-drying activewear shorts would be perfect! If you have a problem with chafing, bike shorts would be a great choice.

If you’re a dress person, make sure your dress is lightweight and breathable cotton. Wear non-chafing underwear underneath your dress to prevent chafing and protection from your dress flying up.


Sunglasses are a must at any time of the year in Orlando. After all, Florida is the sunshine state, right?

Do not forget to pack these!! Sunglasses are available for purchase in the park, but you don’t want to be stuck paying those expensive park prices.


Again, Florida is the sunshine state! If you are a person who likes wearing a hat, this is the place to do it! A hat is great for protecting your face and head from the sun.

Kids might love a great Universal-themed hat like this cute Marvel one below!

Calling all women, girls, boys, and men with long hair! Bring hair ties, hair clips, or whatever you use to pull your hair up. If you start your day wearing your hair down, you will most likely want to pull it up at some point during the day.

I for one, cannot wear my hair down in the heat of summer. I sometimes try to start with it down, but it always goes up!

What to Wear to Universal Studios in the Winter

Some of you might be surprised that Florida does get cold in the winter. They might not have those crazy winter storms as they do up north, but trust me they do get some pretty cold, frigid days.

I’ll never forget a freezing January day I had while in Orlando. It was raining, windy, and in the low 30s. It was miserable!! On this day I had to wear a coat, gloves, and beanie and was still freezing to death!

Here is what to wear to Universal Studios in the winter!

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are important no matter what season. During the winter, I recommend a comfortable pair of sneakers. You most likely won’t be wearing sandals due to the cold.

Layers & Comfortable Clothing

Check the weather before traveling to Orlando to best prepare what to pack for Universal Studios in the winter.

The weather can fluctuate a lot during the winter! You can have freezing 30-degree temperatures or warm 70-degree days! You just never know!

When traveling during the winter, make sure to pack layers! Even on these rare frigid days, lightweight layers are the best choice. For example, where a lightweight long-sleeved tee, with a lightweight sweater, jacket, or hoodie on top. You might also need to bring a heavier jacket or coat. That’s why it’s so important to check the weather before traveling.

Now let’s talk bottoms! I’m a jeans person. During the winter at theme parks, I like to wear jeans, definitely not my tightest jeans though. You’ll want to wear jeans that have stretch so you are comfortable walking around and getting on and off rides.

Sometimes, I’ll also wear athletic leggings. These are super comfy and great to wear to Universal Studios in the winter.


Even on those cold winter days, there is still sun. Sunglasses are a must-wear to Universal Studios in the winter. Lots of walking around outside requires sun protection for your eyes.

Winter Hat

A different type of hat might be required to wear to Universal Studios in the winter. Keep your head and ears warm from the cold with a beanie.

Winter Gloves

Winter gloves! Don’t forget to pack these. You will need these on those cold winter days at Universal Studios.

Keeping your hands warm can make your whole body feel so much warmer!

If you don’t have winter gloves that are touchscreen-friendly, go ahead and buy yourself some. You’ll be using your phone frequently during the day and it’s a lot of work to keep taking your gloves on and off to use your phone.

Themed Universal Studios Shirts, Accessories & More

Themed shirts for Universal Studios are a popular, fun choice for guests. Universal Studios is a park where blockbuster movies and entertainment come to life; so show off your favorite movie, TV show, or character by wearing a Universal Studios-themed shirt or accessory.

Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure have some of the greatest-designed theme park lands out there! They are wonderfully designed to make you feel like you have stepped right into the movies.

Because they are amazingly designed, dressing the part makes for some really fun pictures.

A themed Universal Studios shirt or accessory makes for the perfect outfit for some great pictures.

What fan are you?? Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, Marvel?? Either way wearing a fun shirt or accessory is a fun way to enjoy the park!

Here, I will provide some of my favorite shirts and accessories for you Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, and Marvel fans!

Harry Potter Shirts Universal Studios

One of the biggest draws to Universal Studios is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Both parks Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure have Harry Potter lands.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a major attraction at Universal Studios.  What to wear to Universal Studios if your a Harry Potter fan??  Harry Potter shirts and accessories of course!!

Many Harry Potter fans love to show off their love of Harry Potter by sporting a Harry Potter shirt, robe, socks, or other fun gear.

Here are some of my favorite Harry Potter Universal shirts and accessories for women, men, girls, and boys!

The biggest Harry Potter fans will want to go all out and wear a Harry Potter robe for Universal.

➡️For more Harry Potter shirts & accessories, check Amazon here!

Jurassic Park Universal Studios Shirts

Besides Harry Potter, Jurassic Park is another one of the popular lands at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The big attraction here is Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Smaller kids will love the kid-friendly ride Pteranodon Flyers and Camp Jurassic, a fun play area.

Jurassic Park is another big attraction at Universal Studios.  What to wear to Universal Studios if your a Jurassic Park fan??  Jurassic Park shirts and accessories!!

Jurassic Park fans, this is a great time to show your love of your favorite dinosaur movies by wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt.

➡️TIP: If your kids are big into dinosaurs or Jurassic Park, the Jurassic Park kids suites at Loews Royal Pacific Resort are a must. How fun would staying here be?!!

Here are some great Jurassic Park T-shirts for Universals Studios!

➡️For more Jurassic Park shirt options on Amazon, click here!

Simpsons Universal Studios Shirts

Springfield, U.S.A., Home of the Simpsons is another popular land at Universal Studios. The main attraction here is The Simpsons Ride.

While here in Springfield, grab a Krusty Burger or a massive donut from Lard Lad Donut!

Springfield U.S.A , home of the Simpsons is a great themed land at Universal Studios.  What to wear to Universal Studios as a Simpsons fan??  A great themed Simpson shirt!!

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you must wear a Simpsons shirt. Here are some are my favorite Simpsons shirts and accessories!

➡️For more Simpsons shirts and accessories on Amazon, click here!

Marvel Universal Studios Shirts

Any Marvel superhero fans? You must visit Marvel Superhero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

This land is wonderfully themed after a Marvel comic book.

Some of the major attractions on Marvel Superhero Island include The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

Marvel Superhero Island is an amazingly themed land at Islands of Adventure.  What to wear to Universal Studios if your a Marvel fan??  Marvel shirts and accessories!!

Marvel Superhero Island is a terrific spot to sport your favorite Marvel character gear; so wear your favorite Marvel character shirt and strike a pose!

Here are some of my favorite Marvel Universal Studios Shirts for women, men, boys, and girls!

Is There a Dress Code at Universal Studios?

Many people wonder, “Is there a dress code at Universal Studios?” According to Universal Orlando’s website, the following clothing is prohibited:

Is there a dress code at Universal Studios?
  • Clothing displaying offensive language or content or clothing that could incite a disturbance or cause danger.
  • Clothing or accessories that create a false impression of being employed by Universal or representing emergency personnel.

If you are thinking of wearing a costume, it is important to follow the Costume Guidelines noted on Universal Orlando’s website:

  • Costume masks, veils, long trains, live animals, swords, or weaponry are NOT allowed. If bringing a home-crafted wand, it must be rounded on either end.
  • To meet Universal Orlando’s metal detection regulations, costumes cannot exceed 28” (inches) wide x 80” (inches) high. Costumes are also subject to secondary x-ray screening.
  • Universal has the right to decide if costumes and accessories are permissible.
  • If wearing a costume, you may not give the impression that you are a Universal Orlando Team Member.

What to Pack for Universal Studios?

Being prepared for a day at Universal Studios is very important.

Here are the essentials to pack for your day at Universal Studios. Save this list so you don’t forget any of these!!


A backpack or fanny pack is an absolute necessity for Universal Studios. Stuff your backpack or fanny pack with snacks, water bottles, wallet, cell phone, and change of clothes.

Backpacks are also wonderful for hauling back all the souvenirs you purchase throughout the day!

If you’re a mom of little ones a backpack is much easier to carry than a diaper bag at Universal Studios. Stuff all your baby or toddler’s food, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and changes of clothes.

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack is AMAZING. I always recommend this backpack!

I own this backpack and have used it at Universal Studios, Disney World, hiking in the mountains, and many other travel destinations! It’s just so versatile.

Best of all, it is affordable, super lightweight, and packable!!

➡️Check price for Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack on Amazon here!


Sunscreen is a must to protect your screen from the hot, Florida sun. This is something easily forgettable when packing for your trip. Make sure to go ahead and grab some, so you’re not paying expensive park or resort prices for sunscreen later.

I love spray sunscreen because it’s so easy and quick to apply. For faces, I like to use stick sunscreen. It’s so easy and quick and it doesn’t get in your kid’s eyes!

➡️Check prices for sunscreen on Amazon here!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a must to keep you healthy. Lots of people swarming the parks means lots of germs.

You are constantly touching rails and rides where thousands of others have been. It’s not easy or practical to run to the restroom every time you touch something at Universal Studios.

I recommend packing hand sanitizer and using it after you get off every ride and before eating.

➡️Check prices for hand sanitizer on Amazon here!

Portable Phone Charger

A portable phone charger is so, so important. I can’t tell you how many times I have left this item out of my bag.

You will constantly be using your phone to take pictures, look online at your park map, and more! Your phone will drain quickly at Universal.

A power bank will ensure your phone has a full charge at all times.

➡️Check prices for portable phone chargers on Amazon here!


Having a lanyard for Universal Studios is a very good idea. Think about how many times per day you need to take the following out of your purse or backpack: tickets, express passes, room keys, driver’s license, credit card…

Having all of these important documents around your neck makes things so much easier than having to fumble around constantly in your purse or backpack.

Here are some great fun, themed lanyards for Universal Studios!


Any medication you take every day, make sure to bring. Also, bring some ibuprofen or acetaminophen for headaches.

Don’t forget to pack your children’s medications! These can be hard to find at the park. Especially if you have a child who can only take a particular medication.

Rain Poncho

Rain Ponchos are a great thing to pack in your bag for the day. Check the weather beforehand and if it looks like it’s going to rain, throw a poncho in there.

Or, if you like me and hate getting wet on water rides, throw a poncho in your bag and throw it on before you get on the water ride.

I like to buy affordable ponchos from Amazon. Much cheaper than having to buy park ponchos.

➡️Check prices on rain ponchos on Amazon here!


Snacks are a great thing to throw in your bag to keep your energy up in between meals. Granola bars and crackers are great options.

Also, if you have kids, you know snacks are a necessity!

Can I Bring My Bags on Rides at Universal?

A frequently asked question is, “Can I bring my bags on rides at Universal?” Unlike Disney World, Universal Studios does not allow bags on all rides.

No worries, though! Universal provides free, convenient lockers for those rides that do not allow bags. These lockers are very simple and easy to use.

Rides at Universal Studios that do not allow bags, but provide free ride lockers are the following:

✔ Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts
✔ Revenge of the Mummy
✔ Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
✔ Men in Black Alien Attack

Rides at Universal’s Islands of Adventure that do not allow bags, but provide free lockers are the following:

✔Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
✔ Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
✔ Jurassic World VelociCoaster
✔ The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Some water rides at Universal don’t have free lockers. For these water rides, you can use the pre-paid lockers to store your stuff so they don’t get wet.

The Wrap-Up: What to Wear to Universal Studios

I hope I have helped you plan what to wear to Universal Studios!

I also hope I have well prepared you with the essentials to pack for your day at Universal Studios!

Have a wonderful time and make some wonderful memories!


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