Welcome! My name is Kim!

Founder and writer of “Traveling Swansons.”

I’ve been married for 18 years to my wonderful husband Chris. We have 3 kids; Tyler-16, Ava-14, and Ethan-10. We are the “Traveling Swansons.”

I have a passion for traveling and planning trips!

We have been traveling with our kids since our oldest was a baby. I love traveling all over. From the energy of the big cities to the peaceful, beautiful National Parks to the happiest place on earth “Disney.” I love to see and do it all.

I love sharing my tips and resources from all of our travels to help you with your family’s trips.

Other Interesting Information About Me

So you know I’m a wife, busy mom of 3, blogger, lover of travel, and lover of planning and researching trips.

Here are some other fun, interesting things about me!

  • I’m a Travel Agent! To fulfill my passion for planning trips and helping my family, friends, and readers, I’m an independent travel agent with the award-winning travel agency, Magical Moments Vacations.

  • I was an online ESL teacher! I taught English online to kids in China for 3.5 years. This was a life-changing job for me. I learned so much from these sweet, smart, amazing kids.

    They opened my eyes to another part of the world that I really did not know much about. I believe teaching them deepened my love for travel and the importance of exploring other cultures.

    I had a trip planned to travel to China to explore and meet some of my students, but the pandemic hit right before we were scheduled to leave. I hope to make it there again soon and check “The Great Wall of China” off my bucket list!
  • I have a 2-year-old Goldendoodle Daisy! She is super sweet, but also VERY hyper and crazy! You probably won’t ever see her traveling with us because she hates car rides.
  • I am a regular gym-goer! I have been working out at a CrossFit gym that I love for the past few years. I love working out and throwing around weights while listening to some loud music!

  • Speaking of music, I love music! Just about everything! From pop, rock, and country, to rap. I love it all! I also love going to concerts whenever I get the chance.
  • I am a lover of coffee and wine! I like my coffee in the morning and wine at night. You might notice quite a few posts about coffee.

Why I Blog

  • I want to inspire families to travel through our adventures and our pictures! I believe travel is the best way to connect as a family and create unforgettable memories!
  • Planning vacations can be very overwhelming. I have a love and talent for planning travel and I want to share all my best tips with you!

Some Places We Have Been!

North America

United States

Sedona, Arizona
Grand Canyon

Los Angeles, California
Universal Hollywood
Disneyland, California
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
LEGOLAND, California

Destin, Florida
Everglades National Park
Key West, Florida
Miami, Florida
Orlando, Florida (Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld)

Atlanta, Georgia


Chicago, Illinois

New Orleans, Louisiana

Gardiner, Montana

Las Vegas

New York
New York, New York

North Carolina

Chattanooga, Tennesse
Gatlinburg, Tennessee (The Great Smoky Mountains National Park)
Nashville, Tennessee

Houston, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park)
Yellowstone National Park



Tuscany-Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa
Cinque Terre
Lake Garda

Our Bucket List!

North America
Big Sur, California
Washington State
Bryce Canyon National Park
Yosemite National Park
Zion National Park

Central America
Costa Rica

London, England
Paris, France
Italy- Amalfi Coast
Santorini, Greece

China (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhangjiajie, Chengdu)

Why I Love to Travel

One reason I love traveling is to experience the culture of another place.

I think it’s important for my kids to learn the world is wide and there is much more to it than the small town in Alabama where we live. I want them to know and experience other cultures: the people and how they live and the beauty of other places.

“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed, is you.”

-Eric Roth, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Screenplay)

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