A pristine freestanding bathtub on a balcony at Sandals Dunn's River in Ocho Rios, offering a panoramic view of the resort's pool area with thatched umbrellas, sun loungers, and the inviting Caribbean Sea stretching to the horizon.

Sandals Resorts in Ocho Rios Jamaica: Which is the Best One for You?

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, for your next escape? 🌴

Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon ❤️, celebrating an anniversary 🥂, or looking forward to an unforgettable couples trip with friends 👫👭, you’re in the right place.

Jamaica boasts seven stunning Sandals Resorts, and Ocho Rios alone is home to three of these gems: Sandals Dunn’s River, Sandals Royal Plantation, and Sandals Ochi. 🏖️

Choosing the right one can feel like a daunting task, but fear not! I’ve recently had the pleasure of exploring all three resorts up close and personal and let me say that they are all VERY different! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m thrilled to share my experiences and insights with you, helping you find the resort that’s the perfect fit for your vacation dreams.

Let’s dive in and discover which Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios will make your stay truly unforgettable! 🌟

Short on Time? Check Out Which Sandals Ocho Rios Resort is Best for You. 🏝️

Best Overall Resort: Sandals Dunns River

Best Budget Resort: Sandals Ochi

Best Honeymoon Resort: Sandals Dunns River

Best for Older Couples: Sandals Royal Plantation

Best for Nightlife: Sandals Ochi

Best for Peace & Relaxation: Sandals Royal Plantation

1. Sandals Dunn’s River Review: The Ultimate Beachfront Bliss

If you’re eyeing Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, let me tell you, Sandals Dunns River has stolen my heart. It’s the newest addition to the Sandals family in Jamaica and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Here’s the scoop on why this place feels like a slice of heaven.

A pristine freestanding bathtub on a balcony at Sandals Dunn's River in Ocho Rios, offering a panoramic view of the resort's pool area with thatched umbrellas, sun loungers, and the inviting Caribbean Sea stretching to the horizon.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • First Impressions Matter: The moment you step into the lobby, with its open, airy feel and direct views of the ocean, you’ll know you’ve arrived somewhere special.
A bright and spacious lobby at Sandals Dunn's River, Ocho Rios, with a high ceiling and swirling wooden designs. Green plants hang down wooden pillars, and there's a shiny glass staircase. It feels open and fresh inside.
  • Pristine Beaches: Hands down, Sandals Dunn’s River boasts the most stunning beach among the Ocho Rios resorts. It’s the kind of beach you’ve dreamt of—where the sand is soft, the water is crystal clear, and the vibe is pure relaxation.
  • Sky-high Luxury: The Beachfront Skypool Suites are a game-changer. Imagine having your own pool right on your balcony, blending seamlessly into the ocean horizon. It’s luxury redefined and exclusively yours to enjoy.

A view from a beachfront SkyPool suite at Sandals Dunn's River in Ocho Rios, showcasing an infinity-edge plunge pool on a balcony with a stunning panoramic view of the resort's pool area, palm trees, and the turquoise Caribbean Sea beyond. The mosaic-tiled edges of the plunge pool add a luxurious touch to the suite's private outdoor space.
  • Relaxation Central: The spa is your go-to spot for unwinding. Picture yourself chilling by the courtyard pool, utterly relaxed, with not a care in the world.
A tranquil courtyard pool at the spa of Sandals Dunn's River in Jamaica. The pool is framed by elegant archways and columns, with lush tropical plants adding a touch of serenity. Comfortable seating is available for relaxation in this peaceful retreat.
  • Foodie Paradise:
    • BLUM: Trust me, the coffee here will ruin you for all other coffees. It’s that good. ☕️
A cup of BLUM Jamaican Coffee placed on a bed of coffee beans, with a soft-focus background of tropical foliage, indicative of the natural ambiance at a Sandals Resorts in Ocho Rios.
  • Dining Extravaganza: With 12 restaurants on-site, including the gorgeous Cascata (Italian), the chic L’Amande (French), and The Jerk Shack your taste buds are in for a treat.
An elegant French restaurant interior at Sandals Dunn's River, featuring plush seating, marble tables, and sparkling chandeliers that add a touch of glamour. The sophisticated decor is accented with artistic wall pieces, creating a chic and inviting dining atmosphere.

I’m putting it out there—I guarantee you’re going to love Sandals Dunn’s River. It’s the embodiment of perfection, offering everything you could want in a resort. From its idyllic beach to the luxury accommodations, exquisite dining, and serene spa experiences, it’s a place where every detail is designed for your utmost enjoyment.

So, go ahead and secure your booking; this place is more than just a resort, it’s a dream come to life. It’s my top choice for the best Sandals Resort not just in Ocho Rios, but across Jamaica too!

2. Sandals Royal Plantation Review: Your Cozy Corner of Paradise

Diving into the world of Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, I’ve got to shine a spotlight on Sandals Royal Plantation. It’s a hidden gem among the vibrant collection, offering a more intimate, serene experience.

Let me give you the lowdown on why this little oasis could be your next retreat.

A classical statue set against the backdrop of a bright blue sky and ocean at Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios. The statue is framed by elegant archways, with lush tropical plants and vibrant flowers enhancing the serene ambiance of the resort's luxurious setting.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Intimate and Exclusive: Sandals Royal Plantation is your cozy nook in Jamaica. It’s small, yes, but that’s exactly what makes it so special. With just 74 ocean-view suites nestled into a majestic coral bluff, every corner of this place whispers privacy and exclusivity, offering you uninterrupted views of the Caribbean’s turquoise waters.
The frontage of Sandals Royal Plantation features a manicured garden with a central fountain, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers. Classic lampposts and elegant architectural columns add to the luxury and charm of the resort.
  • Peaceful Poolside: Forget the bustling pool bars and the splashy crowds. Here, the pool is a quiet sanctuary where the water is always calm, and the vibe is always relaxed. It’s perfect for those moments when you just want to soak in serenity.
  • Quaint Beach Bliss: The beach at Royal Plantation might be on the smaller side, but it’s every bit as beautiful and tranquil as you’d hope. It’s the ideal spot for quiet beach days where the most strenuous activity is turning the page of your book.
A beachside chessboard with oversized pieces sets the stage for outdoor fun at Sandals Royal Plantation, with the inviting Caribbean Sea just steps away. A comfy bed under a rustic cabana offers the perfect spot to relax, all under the bright blue Jamaican sky.
  • Mild and Mellow Evenings: As the sun sets, the nightlife here keeps it cool and calm. It’s all about savoring the evening, whether that’s with a leisurely dinner or a moonlit walk. It’s gentle, it’s serene, it’s perfect.
  • Culinary Delights & More:
    • Le Papillon: Imagine dining in an exquisite French bistro, right here in Jamaica. That’s what you get at Le Papillon, where the flavors are as authentic as they are delicious.
    • Afternoon Tea: Steeped in tradition and elegance, afternoon tea on the terrace is a daily delight, offering a peaceful break in your beachy afternoon.
A peaceful tea setting overlooking the ocean at Sandals Royal Plantation, with a spread of sandwiches and pastries on the table, accented by a delicate orchid, all against the backdrop of a serene sky meeting the calm sea.
  • Red Lane® Spa Bliss: Dive into a serene escape at Sandals Royal Plantation’s Red Lane® Spa. With Caribbean-inspired treatments and natural products, this spa sanctuary features everything from treatment rooms and a fitness center to a Yoga-Pilates studio and steam room. Nestled in lush gardens for ultimate relaxation, it’s your shortcut to rejuvenation.
  • Neighborly Vibes: And if you ever feel like switching it up, Sandals Ochi and its lively scene are just a stone’s throw away. It’s the perfect balance – serene seclusion at Royal Plantation with the option for excitement right next door.

Sandals Royal Plantation isn’t just any resort; it’s a unique blend of peace, privacy, and pampering. It’s made for those who love their vacations quiet and their settings exquisite.

From its idyllic beach to the quaint charm of afternoon tea, and not forgetting the heavenly spa treatments, every detail here is about enhancing your calm.

If you’re looking for a getaway that’s intimate, tranquil, and serene, Sandals Royal Plantation is the answer. This is where your dream of a peaceful retreat becomes reality. Don’t hesitate—this cozy paradise awaits you to turn your dream vacation into an unforgettable experience.

3. Sandals Ochi Review: A Budget-Friendly Blast in Jamaica

If you’re scouring the Sandals Resorts lineup in Jamaica for a spot that’s easy on the wallet and heavy on the fun, then let me introduce you to the life of the party, Sandals Ochi. It’s a sprawling haven that blends the spirited Jamaican vibe with Sandals luxury, all without making you sweat the price tag.

Here’s my dive into why Sandals Ochi could be the perfect pick for budget-conscious party lovers.

The main pool at Sandals Ochi, featuring a swim-up bar housed in a charming white gazebo, surrounded by lush palm trees, inviting sun loungers, and the calm blue of the Caribbean Sea in the background. The Sandals logo prominently displayed, confirming this as one of the resort’s signature spots for relaxation and socializing.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • The Budget-Friendly Gem: Sandals Ochi shines as the most affordable entry into the luxurious world of Sandals in Jamaica. It’s the dream destination for those who want the Sandals experience without the premium price, proving that unforgettable vacations are accessible to more of us.
  • Party Central: At the heart of Sandals Ochi’s allure is its vibrant nightlife. From Ochi Beach Club to sipping cocktails at the piano bar to diving into the unique experience of a speakeasy at the Rabbit Hole, not to mention the themed extravaganzas like the White Party, this place is buzzing with energy. It’s where every night is a celebration, making it the ultimate spot for those who love to mingle and dance till dawn.
The entrance to Sandals Ochi Beach Club, illuminated at night with vibrant purple and blue lighting. A wall adorned with a colorful floral arrangement and the club's name makes a striking statement, welcoming guests to an inviting nightlife atmosphere.
  • Culinary Delight: With 16 restaurants on the premises, dining here is a journey of flavors from around the globe. The best part? It’s all included, so you can indulge your foodie desires without worrying about the bill.

Sandals Ochi is all about fun and value, perfect for anyone looking to have a great time without spending a fortune. It’s a lively spot, with awesome beach parties, lots of places to eat, and non-stop nightlife, all set in beautiful Jamaica.

A sunset view at Sandals Ochi in Ocho Rios, with the resort's signature red signage on a cliff-side, thatched huts, and a pastel-colored building overlooking the tranquil turquoise waters. The sky is ablaze with golden hues, casting a warm glow over the serene seascape.

But here’s something to keep in mind: Sandals Ochi is big. Really big. So big that you might need a little help getting from one spot to another. They’ve got these jitneys, which are basically golf carts, to zip you around. It’s pretty handy, especially if you’re staying far from the action or just want to save your energy for the dance floor.

This place is great if you love to explore and don’t mind the extra steps (or rides) to see everything. It’s a fun mix of adventure and relaxation, where every day is a party. Just remember that because of its size, you’ll want to plan a bit. Maybe call a jitney to take you to dinner or to check out a different part of the beach.

So, if you want to experience the lively side of Jamaica, Sandals Ochi is the spot. It’s fun, friendly, and full of things to do, just be ready to hop on a golf cart to see it all!

What ‘All-Inclusive’ Really Means on a Sandals Vacation 🌴✨

Taking a Sandals vacation is like stepping into a world where every detail is crafted for your utmost enjoyment and relaxation.

From gourmet dining to thrilling water sports, the all-inclusive experience is designed to offer an unforgettable escape without the hassle of planning every minor detail.

One of the highlights for me was the sheer convenience – there’s no need to carry around money or credit cards. You can enjoy everything Sandals Resorts in Ocho Rios has to offer without a second thought about additional costs. It’s truly carefree relaxation!

Here’s what your all-inclusive package includes:

  • 🍽️ Unlimited Gourmet Dining: Savour the flavors from around the globe at up to 16 restaurants per resort, offering everything from local specialties to international cuisine.
  • 🍹 Unlimited Premium Spirits & Fine Wines: Enjoy access to a variety of bars serving unlimited premium liquors, wines, and cocktails, expertly crafted by award-winning mixologists.
  • 🌊 Water Sports Galore: Dive into the crystal-clear waters with unlimited scuba diving (for certified divers), snorkeling trips, paddleboards, kayaking, and more.
Bright blue skies and fluffy clouds above a Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios, where colorful kayaks and stand-up paddleboards await on the white sandy beach. Sailboats with the Sandals logo are lined up, ready for adventure on the clear turquoise waters, with a palm tree swaying gently in the foreground.
  • 🏊 Pools and Beaches: Relax in the resort’s stunning pools, or on the pristine, private beaches, all while enjoying the luxury of no wallets and no worries.
  • 🎉 Entertainment & Nightlife: Experience the vibrant local culture with live shows, beach parties, and themed nights offering endless entertainment.
  • 🏋️‍♂️ State-of-the-Art Fitness Center: Keep up with your fitness routine or try something new with a variety of classes and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • 🌺 Opulent Accommodations: Rest in luxurious rooms and suites, many offering stunning ocean views and exclusive butler service.
  • 🌞 Land Sports & Activities: Engage in land sports like tennis, beach volleyball, and golf (where available), all included in your stay.
  • 🌟 Exceptional Service: Experience the highest standard of hospitality with gratuities included, ensuring a worry-free vacation.
  • 🚌 Round-Trip Airport Transfers: Enjoy seamless transfers to and from the airport, making your travel as comfortable as your stay.
  • 🏌️‍♂️ Golfing Adventures: Tee off on some of the most picturesque golf courses with complimentary green fees for a perfect swing into paradise.
  • 💆 Red Lane® Spa Options: Indulge in optional spa treatments that rejuvenate the body and soul (additional cost).

Experience VIP Treatment with Club Mobay at Sangster Airport ✈️🌴

Now that you’ve chosen the ideal Jamaican resort, let’s talk about making your arrival and departure as seamless as possible.

Consider Club Mobay at Sangster Airport for a VIP touch to beginning and ending your Jamaican journey.

Club Mobay is perfect for a fast and easy way through airport security and immigration, thanks to its fast-track access, which cuts down on wait times significantly.

The VIP lounge is where you can truly unwind. During my time in the departure lounge, I loved being able to relax in a quiet, uncrowded space before my flight. There was an impressive selection of food, snacks, and beverages to enjoy, all complimentary. 🍹🍽️ Plus, free Wi-Fi 📶 is available to keep you connected.

A plate of assorted food from Club Mobay, featuring a chicken salad sandwich, a side of pasta salad, a chicken wrap, and a Jamaican patty, arranged neatly on a blue plate for a tasty meal.

Based on my experience, Club Mobay is definitely worth considering. Remember to book early. I missed out on the arrival service but was grateful for the comfort and convenience of the departure lounge. Don’t make the same mistake—I highly recommend securing both! 🌟


Is Sandals Ocho Rios couples only?

Yes, the Sandals resorts in Ocho Rios, like all Sandals resorts, are designed exclusively for couples. They offer a romantic, adults-only experience, focusing on providing a luxurious and intimate setting for two people in love. This means you can expect tranquil settings, couples-oriented activities, and amenities tailored to creating memorable moments together.

How far is Sandals Ocho Rios from airport?

When you’re heading to any of the Sandals resorts in Ocho Rios — be it Sandals Ochi, Sandals Royal Plantation, or Sandals Dunn’s River — you’re looking at a drive of about 1.5 to 2 hours from Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s a bit of a ride, isn’t it?” Absolutely, but trust me, it’s worth every minute for the paradise that awaits you.

Here’s the kicker: Sandals has got you covered with free transportation to and from the airport. Yep, you heard that right — free. And they really think of everything because about halfway there, they’ve planned a little pit stop. It’s the perfect chance to stretch your legs, use the restroom, and maybe even grab a quick snack. It’s all part of making sure you’re comfortable and taken care of from the moment you land to the moment you’re sipping that welcome drink, looking out over the beach.

What happened to Sandals Dunn’s River Falls?

Sandals Dunn’s River Fall closed down. In 2023, Sandals Dunn’s River swung its doors open again, making a splashy re-entrance into the Sandals world after a brief stint away. This wasn’t just any reopening; it was a grand comeback, complete with a full makeover. Think of it as the resort getting a top-to-toe refresh, decked out with the latest in comfort and style, all while keeping that heartwarming Jamaican essence we all adore.

What did Sandals Ochi used to be called?

It used to be Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort. A bit of a tongue twister, right? So, they jazzed it up with some renovations, gave it a new name, and voilà – Sandals Ochi Beach Resort was born. transformation, if you ask me!

Is it worth going to Dunn’s River Falls?

Absolutely! Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s most iconic attractions, known for its stunning natural beauty and unique experience. Climbing the terraced waterfalls is not only super exciting but also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding lush tropical scenery. It’s a must-visit for adventurers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in Jamaica’s natural wonders. Plus, the cascading water and cool pools provide a refreshing break from the Caribbean heat.

Are there overwater bungalows at Sandals in Jamaica?

Yes, Sandals in Jamaica has amazing overwater bungalows! You can find them at Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Caribbean. These special bungalows let you live right over the sea with awesome views and direct access to the water. They have glass floors to see the ocean below, your own butler, and even a hammock over the water. It’s like having your little island paradise, perfect for couples wanting something extra special.

The Wrap-Up: Sandals Resorts in Ocho Rios Jamaica

So, there you have it! Wrapping up our tour of Sandals Resorts in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, it’s clear there’s a perfect spot for every kind of traveler.

My personal fave? Sandals Dunn’s River, where luxury meets paradise, and every moment feels like a dream ✨. But if you’re on the hunt for something a bit easier on the budget without skimping on the fun, Sandals Ochi is your go-to for an unbeatable mix of affordability and action 🎉. And for those of you craving a slice of serene heaven, Sandals Royal Plantation offers an intimate retreat where tranquility reigns supreme 🌿.

No matter what you’re looking for—be it the vibrant energy of Ochi, the serene elegance of Royal Plantation, or the unmatched luxury of Dunn’s River—there’s a Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios that’s sure to make your Jamaican vacation unforgettable. 🍹🌴

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