This is a beautiful view of the Tuscan hills you'll get when your on this pizza and gelato cooking class. This is one of the best cooking classes in Florence.

5 Best Cooking Classes in Florence Italy – 2024


You’ve come to the right place because as your friendly Italy travel expert, I am featuring the top 5 cooking classes in Florence.

A cooking class will be one of the best things if not the best thing you do while in Florence!

Food is such a big part of Italian culture and let’s be honest, the food might be a big reason for your trip to Italy. I know it was for me!

But cooking classes in Florence are more than just learning about how to make this delicious food. It’s also a great way to learn and experience Italian culture.

Here are the 5 best cooking classes in Florence, Italy.

5 Best Cooking Classes in Florence

The 5 best Florence cooking classes all provide something a little different.

Some are in the city of Florence and others transport you to a nearby Tuscan estate. Some are pizza and gelato-making classes and others are pasta-making classes.

However different they are, they do have something in common; they offer loads of fun and unforgettable experiences!

Plus, you’ll learn how to make an authentic Italian meal that you can replicate back home for your family and friends.

I highly recommend booking these cooking classes through I personally book with them whenever I travel.

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1. Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class at a Tuscan Farmhouse from Florence

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars with over 3,100 reviews | ⏳ LENGTH: 5 HOURS | 🍕BOOK NOW

The Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class at a Tuscan Farmhouse from Florence is my top pick for the best cooking class in Florence, Italy.

I’m a little partial to this one because my family of 5 did this particular one on our trip to Florence.

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However, I’m not the only one who thinks this. This pizza and gelato-making class at a Tuscan Farmhouse is the most highly recommended cooking class on with over 3,100 reviews. This is personally why I chose this one for our family!

This cooking class is everything and more! First, they pick you up from a convenient location in Florence and transport you on a 15-minute bus drive to a private Tuscan estate in the beautiful hills of Tuscany.

After getting off the bus, you’ll be greeted by your professional Italian chef who will then take you to the farm’s garden. Here you’ll enjoy a glass of wine (or water for the kids) and a traditional Italian focaccia appetizer. You’ll be given an introduction to the farm and the chef will pick ingredients from the garden that will be used in the pizza and gelato.

Gelato Making Time

After this fun introduction, you’ll head to the beautifully modern, farmhouse kitchen to learn how to make gelato! You have quite a few flavors of gelato to choose from including chocolate, hazelnut, and pistachio.

Making gelato at one of the best cooking classes in Florence.

While the gelato is freezing you’ll go outside and start the pizza portion of the class.

Pizza Making Time

The pizza instructors will teach you to make the perfect Neapolitan pizza; including making the dough. After you’ve learned how to make pizza, you’ll put your skills to the test! You’ll add sauce and choose from a selection of toppings, which include fresh veggies from the farm. Then your pizza will go straight into the outdoor wood pizza oven!

A wood pizza oven at one of the best cooking classes in Florence.

Eating Time

After your pizza is done, you’ll sit down at long tables and enjoy eating your pizza and tasting different wines with others in the class. It was so fun to meet others and see where they were from and what they were doing on their Italian vacation.

Also, let me just say the pizza was AMAZING! It was the best pizza I had during our entire trip to Italy! It was seriously that good!

After everyone is done eating their pizza, the gelato is taken out and you get to eat not just your gelato, but everyone else’s gelato creations too!

The class is finished with the presentation of certificates for completing the class.

Let me just say that all 3 instructors were amazing!! They were so much fun and kept everyone entertained the whole time!

This pizza and gelato cooking class was my favorite thing my family and I did in Florence! But don’t just take it from me, here is another glowing review…

The highlight of our trip to Florence and the best pizza we had in Italy! This experience is amazing, we did this with our kids (10,12) and it was the most memorable part of our trip. Thomas, Feliciano and Max the chef’s make it such fun and are overall nice people. Please go this when you go to Florence with kids you won’t regret it!

-Narelle_L, (see more reviews)

2. Tuscan Farmhouse with Local Market Tour from Florence

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars with over 2,900 reviews | ⏳ Length: 7 Hours | 🍝 BOOK NOW:

Another one of the best cooking classes in Florence is the Cooking Class and Lunch at a Tuscan Farmhouse with Local Market Tour from Florence.

This is with the same tour company and held at the same Tuscan Farmhouse as the previously mentioned pizza and gelato-making class.

This cooking class is located in the Tuscan hills at a beautiful Tuscan Estate.

What makes this one different though is it starts early at 9 am and is approximately 7 hours long. (So be prepared for it to take a good chunk of your day up.) It’s also a pasta-making class!

So if you’re looking for an excellent pasta-making class in Italy, this is it!

But what’s unique about this particular class is that it starts at Central Market (Mercato Centrale Firenze). Here you’ll pick out the region’s freshest ingredients, such as cured meats, balsamic vinegar, olives, cheeses, and sun-dried tomatoes to be used in your dishes.

After leaving the market, you’ll take a 20-minute bus drive to the beautiful Tuscan estate where you’ll learn and prepare a full 4-course Tuscan meal with an expert chef.

The dishes are seasonal, but a sample menu includes bruschetta, pasta, roast pork, and tiramisu. The expert chef will share some culinary secrets of Tuscan cuisine including making fresh pasta from scratch.

After making your authentic Italian meal, you’ll sit down and enjoy your food and wine with the others in your class. A diploma will be awarded at the end of class and all recipes will be emailed to you, so you can make these delicious Tuscan dishes back home.


This class was one of the highlights of our trip. Luca was adorable, hilarious, entertaining, and an excellent instructor. Before we left Florence for the farmhouse, he took us through the Central Market to pick up the food we would be preparing and introduced us to many of the purveyors. It was a quick bus ride to a magnificent estate just outside Florence. He kept the day moving at a great pace, keeping everyone involved every step of the way through our food preparation. He also kept us laughing and having a great time. We learned (hands on) to make pasta, bruschetta, and Tiramisu along with a delicious pork roast and ragu. Everyone in the class was also very friendly and social, and we enjoyed sharing our experiences together. The setting was gorgeous, and the “farmhouse” was more like something out of Town & Country magazine.

Larry_S (See more reviews)

3. Wanna Be Italiano

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Length: 5 hours | 🍝 BOOK NOW

Wanna Be Italiano-The Original Cooking Class & Market Tour in Florence is a highly recommended cooking class for those looking to learn how to make homemade Italian pasta.

No fancy equipment is used so you can replicate this pasta dish when you get back home!

This cooking class also starts at Florence’s bustling Central Market. Along with the expert chefs, you’ll pick out ingredients that will be used to make your Italian lunch.

Wanna Be Italiano is one of the best cooking classes in Florence.  Here you'll pick ingredients at Central Market for your dishes.

After Central Market, you’ll take a short walk to the cooking school and learn how to make bruschetta, homemade pasta, and tiramisu. Come hungry because you’ll also be given food samples from the market to nibble on!

After finishing cooking you’ll sit down and enjoy your delicious food along with Chianti wine.

You’ll be awarded a diploma upon completion of the class. You’ll also receive a recipe booklet to make this delicious food back at home.

This was one of our favorite memories from our time in Florence. Going to the Market and learning the authentic spots was great as we got to purchase some of the tastiest olive oil I’ve ever had. Then, being able to cook in a beautiful kitchen/classroom and have the recipes for authentic Italian dishes was great. We can’t wait to make homemade pasta now armed with the expertise from Catarina and Niccolo. Would highly recommend this cooking class to anyone!

Catherine_K, (see more reviews)
➡️ BOOK Wanna Be Italiano – The Original Cooking Class & Market Tour in Florence

4. Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner in Florence

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Length: 4 hours | 🍲 BOOK NOW

The Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner in Florence is a small group class, with a max of 15 people led by an expert local Chef and a cooking assistant. You’ll create and enjoy a 4-course dinner.

The menu here varies, but a sample menu includes chicken stew, potato gnocchi, and tiramisu.

After you work hard creating your 4-course Italian meal in the modern, Italian kitchen, you will sit down and enjoy your meal with a glass of wine.

At the end of class, you’ll be given a recipe booklet to recreate these delicious Italian dishes when you get back home.

This was one of the best experiences we had on a trip to Italy. The whole set up was done in a wonderful manner starting with appetizers Primo that is pasta, second which was a chicken dish, and finishing it off with dessert. The chef was super helpful and explain things in a great manner. Her name was Greta and we loved how she took time to show us the technique and explained the science behind it as well. We had two teenagers 13 and 15 with us and this was one of the highlights of the trip. I would highly recommend this to people with families as well as friends who are traveling to Florence.

-Advait_B, (See more reviews)

5. Family-Friendly Cooking Class in Florence with Organic Ingredients

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH: 3 HOURS | 🍕 BOOK NOW

If your looking for the best cooking class in Florence that is geared specifically for families with kids, the Family-Friendly Cooking Class in Florence with Organic Ingredients is an excellent choice.

Note that even though this class is for families with kids and teens, no children under 5 are allowed.

This family-friendly cooking school is located in the heart of Florence. The menu usually includes traditional starter recipes such as focaccias and small pizzas. You’ll also make fresh egg pasta with two different sauces.

Delicious homemade pasta is what you'll make in this Florence cooking class.

And of course, no cooking class for kids in Italy is complete without making gelato!

Kids will be excited to earn their “Little Chef” certificate.

We had a fantastic time at this cooking class and our eight year old daughter enjoyed the hands on experience very much. Being amongst other families made in more fun. Highly recommend it. Francesco and his team were great!

– MaryAnn_R, (See more reviews)
➡️ BOOK Family-Friendly Cooking Class in Florence with Organic Ingredients

Are Cooking Classes Worth It?

Absolutely! A cooking class in Italy is totally worth it!

Everyone is happy and having a good time in an Italian cooking class!

Food is such a big part of Italian culture and it shows in everyone from the chef down to the people attending classes!

Take at least half of a day while in Florence to enjoy a cooking class. I promise you will not regret it! It will be the highlight of your trip to Italy.

Final Thoughts

A cooking class in Florence will be one of the best things or the best thing you do while in Florence!

Whether it’s a pizza and gelato-making class at a Tuscan farmhouse or a homemade pasta and tiramisu class where you pick out the fresh ingredients at the market; one of these 5-star highly recommended classes is perfect for you!

Enjoy your time in one of the best cities and countries in the world!

Ciao 🇮🇹


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